Tales from the Kodiak Starport

Justin Oldham’s anthology, Tales from the Kodiak Starport, features half a dozen short stories about space flight and corporate intrigues relates to aerospace politics in a fast-paced future.  It’s worth noting that the fictional Kodiak Starport is based on a real-world location, that may become what the author envisions.

“Look at what’s happening now,” Justin observes, “Companies like Space X and Blue Origin are pushing far beyond what NASA did with the Space Shuttle.  Space launch complexes are being called ‘space ports,’ with the idea in mind that they will be much more in decades to come.  That’s quite inspiring.”

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Alaskan Themes in Fiction

In his anthology, Tales from the Kodiak Starport, Justin Oldham showcases a future in which Alaskans build and fly a variety of aerospace vehicles in to low orbit and outer space.

Bibix is Oldham’s full-length novel set in a grim arctic future, in which humans struggle against alien invasion.  There’s a twist in these pages that many of you won’t see coming.

The challenges of living in the arctic makes is unique to begin with.  Breathtaking scenery, wildlife, and extreme temperatures add to the allure that can be made to work for creative writers choosing to include Alaskan themes in their work.

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