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Book cover for A.C.: AFTER COLLAPSE

created by Justin Oldham; edited by Beth Hartt and Anne K. Nagel

ISBN: 978-1935964285 

LCCN: 2019900064

A.C.: AFTER COLLAPSE™ (sometimes referred to as A.C.) presents a detailed post-Collapse environment filled with opportunities for adventure and discovery. Characters, known as “Survivors,” cautiously comb through the dangerous ruins of once-great metropolises. 

No matter where you live or what you do, you’ll want certain supplies to help you get by. Whether it’s a backpack to carry your adventuring gear and the loot you find, items to fix your weapons and equipment, or tools to rebuild a community, the quality of your kit contributes to the success of your endeavors. 


A.C. uses a d20-based architecture. Features include: 

  • a system of Material Attributes (MATs) that simulate the physical properties of substances used to make tools or equipment; 
  • Materiel Resistance (MAR) factors that define how much corrosion and radiation items can resist; 
  • detailed rules for applying the effects of combat, radiation, and poison; 
  • a system of Structure Point (SPs) and Armor Points (APs) that simulate the durability of equipment and tools; and 
  • craft-oriented Basic Skills that allow Survivors and NPCs to build gear designed to their own specifications.

Recommended for ages 14+.

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