Before the Collapse

Book cover for Before the Collapse

by Justin Oldham

ISBN: 978-1-935964-38-4

LCCN: 2019900069


A B.C.: BEFORE COLLAPSE® anthology

This fast-paced collection of short stories provides a short pre-Collapse history of epic achievements that might have saved the world.  Revelations include everything from the use of genetic editing to enhance humans and clean up our polluted planet, to preparations for the troubles that were coming, to the staggering technological breakthroughs that would unleash artificial intelligence on an unsuspecting world.

Meet the friends and adversaries that hold the keys to tomorrow.  Follow them as they make decisions that affect everything that is yet to come.  Experience the best of a dynamic, not-so-distant future and the worst of the social and political betrayals that made the Collapse possible.

These tales mark the beginning of the end.  From here, we make the future.

Recommended for ages 14+.

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