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Being Legally Blind

Book cover for Being Legally Blind: Observations for Parents of Visually Impaired Children

Observations for Parents of Visually Impaired Children

by Justin Oldham; edited by Griffith C. Steiner, MD

ISBN: 978-1935964001 

LCCN: 2010910977  

"If I could go back in time for just one moment, this is the book I'd give my parents." 

All parents face a mix of joys and challenges when welcoming a new child into the family.  Being told that your new son or daughter has a visual disability makes the task of sharing the world with that child seem much more daunting.  It will be difficult, but it is an adventure which you both can survive.  This book will provide you with some insight into the obstacles you will face, pitfalls to be avoided, joys to be shared, and hope for what is to come. 

What expectations should you have?  What resources are available to assist your child?  Where do you find them?  Is it possible for your child to become a happy, successful member of society?  This book addresses these questions and others, with a forward by ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Griffith C. Steiner, M.D. 

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