Shadow Fusion

Crisis at the Kodiak Starport

Book cover for Crisis at the Kodiak Starport

by Justin Oldham

ISBN: 978-1-935964-21-6 

LCCN: 2015908753  

Set in the world of Tales from the Kodiak Starport

Alaskan  fisheries suffer when a mining disaster pollutes Bristol Bay. Governments around the world struggle with drought and famine as  climate change becomes real.  Nations go to war over dwindling resources  on  land and at sea.  In this era of rising international tensions that  lead  to regional wars, administrators and staff at the Kodiak starport  face  the challenge of keeping the promise of manned spaceflight intact  for  the next generation of explorers and entrepreneurs.   Can the  gateway to  a better future be kept open, or will it close forever when  satellites  and space stations are destroyed? 

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