Search for Haven

Book cover for Search for Haven

by Justin Oldham

ISBN: 978-1-935964-50-6
eISBN:  978-1-935964-51-3 

LCCN: 2019915002


An  A.C: AFTER COLLAPSE® adventure

As she celebrates her 16th birthday in the post-Collapse world, Dar is ready to take her exams and prepare to enter a nearby school.  What should be a special day takes an unexpected turn into the surreal when her family’s farm is attacked by marauders bent on taking their land.

As the dust settles, she must decide what path she will take -- face the attackers in an effort to keep what her family has worked so hard to build or try to find sanctuary and live to fight another day.

Alone, but not friendless, Dar heads to the school.  Along the way, she learns  some of her family’s history and its surprising connection to  the myth of Haven.  Can she survive long enough to reach her destination and  begin to make her future?

Recommended for ages 14+.

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