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Tales From the Kodiak Starport

Book cover for Tales From the Kodiak Starport

by Justin Oldham

ISBN: 978-1-935964-10-0

LCCN: 2012910365  

Tales From the Kodiak Starport is a collection of science fiction  stories chronicling the efforts of adventurous Alaskans to facilitate mankind's move toward space-based commerce, stepping from  the Last Frontier into the final frontier. Each tale, set in a different period, explores an aspect of the space industry and  its impact on the economic and ecological well-being of the people of Earth.

In today's world, Kodiak Island, Alaska is home to  the Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC), a 3,717-acre rocket launch  facility. The KLC is a joint venture between the state of Alaska and  the investors of the Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation (AADC). At this point, KLC's services are geared to the safe launching of polar-orbit satellites and sub-orbital research payloads.  In time, the complex may grow into an entity similar to, or even  better than, the facility depicted in these stories.

From the pioneers who build the businesses supporting the various launch activities of  the complex and those who defend the facility from a close encounter of the government kind, to the man who's just trying to keep his  family's business running, the perseverance and tenacity of the Alaska business community is put to the test. Some stories explore the  potential of the site, its customers, and those involved in its  day-to-day operations, while others provide a glimpse at the impact of scientific  advances on relationships between individuals and society and the effects of international politics on the environment and the facility's role in reversing them.

Welcome to the Kodiak Starport -  gateway to the future. 

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