Shadow Fusion

The Fisk Conspiracy

Book cover for The Fisk Conspiracy

by Justin Oldham

ISBN:  978-1-935964-06-3 

LCCN: 2012902587 

In a dark future, America watches its civil rights shrink as its  national debt swells.  Pro-gun lobbyists become casualties as President Madeline Hill reigns over a powerful and corrupt government.  She has a plan to achieve total power that will exploit a greedy Congress.

Political consultant Preston Fisk oversees the most elaborate conspiracy  in U.S. history.  He and his cohorts are responsible for Madeline's rise to power and they are the only ones who can stop her.  These Cold War veterans stand ready to defend a nation that has forgotten them.  

Washington, D.C., is the backdrop for this fast-moving tale.   Politicians and patriots alike compete using every tool at their disposal – and nothing is off-limits.  Preston Fisk is a fusion of both.   The fate that awaits him will change the way you look at politics. 

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