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Your Ocular Prosthetic

Book cover for Your Ocular Prosthetic

by Justin Oldham; edited by Greg T. Sankey, Licensed Ocularist, B.C.O., B.A.D.O.

ISBN: 978-1-935964-18-6 

LCCN: 1935964186  

This introduction to ocular prosthetics is intended by reassure  persons who have just lost an eye.  Ocularists and other medical professionals will find this educational tool to be quite useful when  dealing with new clients.

Information in this volume includes a description of ocular  prosthetics by type, as well as a walkthrough of the various procedures  that the patient will experience when being fitted for a new ocular  prosthetic.

This product was developed in conjunction with noted Ocularist Greg  T. Sankey, who is the founder of the company, Custom Ocular  Prosthetics, which is based out of Seattle, Washington. 

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